Promoting Kindness and Respect: Anti-Bullying Resources for Schools

Anti-Bullying Images For School

Bullying usually involves a power imbalance, whether in terms of size, popularity or perceived status. It’s also a pattern of behavior rather than a single incident.

It’s important to talk with your children about bullying so they feel comfortable telling you if they see it or experience it. Use these anti-bullying images to spark that conversation.

1. Don’t Be Mean Behind the Screen Poster

As students spend more and more time online, cyberbullying has become a significant issue. This poster reminds kids to be nice when they are online. It also encourages them to report bullying behavior or step up when they see someone being bullied.

This poster uses a fun and uplifting message to get kids to pay attention. Experts recommend using positive messages in any anti-bullying campaign. Kids are much more likely to respond to a positive message than one that is negative or harsh.

This is a great poster to use throughout the month of October when bullying awareness is a focus in schools. It can be posted on classroom doors, hallways, vertical displays and social media platforms. It is also a good way to keep the discussion going in school newsletters and messages to parents. This can be a very difficult subject to talk about with young children, but it is important to do so.

2. Don’t Be a Bully Poster

Posters featuring uplifting images are great for motivating kids to act responsibly and positively. Simplistic slogans like “Keep calm and carry on” and “Hold hands for friendship” work well to inspire a sense of togetherness and support. Posters with rhyming slogans are also fun and easy to remember.

Kids respond to positive reinforcement and will be encouraged by this anti-bullying poster that reminds them to be kind to everyone. It isn’t big to make others feel small, and bullying can have serious psychological implications on victims.

This poster encourages students to report bullying to a teacher or adult immediately. The text also suggests ways to get help if they’re being bullied or if they witness someone being bullied.

4. Don’t Be a Bully Bracelet

Bullying has long been viewed as just part of growing up, but it can leave lasting damage. Physical bullying includes hitting, kicking, punching, tripping, and damaging property, while verbal abuse can be devastating. Bullied students may show signs of stress such as unexplained injuries, faking illness, avoidance of social situations and activities, loss of interest in school, sleep problems and depression.

Encourage your students to make a personal pledge to stand against bullying by asking them to write their promise on a wristband. Students can then wear the wristbands as a reminder to be kind and respect one another.

Use these colorful wristbands to promote anti-bullying initiatives in your classroom or school during National Bullying Prevention Month, which is held each October and founded by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. They are also great for schools wanting to promote their anti-bullying program year-round. Each teal silicone bracelet features 6 assorted sayings: Support, Report, Defend; Be Cool, Not Cruel; Niceness is Priceless; Help, Don’t Hurt; and STOMP Out Bullying.

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