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The Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition (UABC) is a public/private partnership working to help kids reach their full potential in a bully-free environment. UABC is a chapter of the Flip the Script anti-bullying campaign.

Board Members

The following individuals are board members of the Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition:

  • Gail Miller, chair
    Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
  • Jay Francis, chairman
    Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
  • Pam Hayes, director
    Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition/ 
  • Bob Linnell, development director
    Former Bountiful City Mayor
  • Darrell Brown
    Bonneville International Corp.
  • Mac Christensen
    Mr. Mac
  • Dawn Davies
    Utah Parent Teacher Association
  • Bob Henrie
    R&R Partners
  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones & Associates
  • Charlie Luke
    Salt Lake City Council
  • Tibby Milne
    Utah Council for 
    Crime Prevention
  • Stan Parrish
    Sandy Chamber of Commerce
  • Lillian Tsosie-Jensen
    Utah State Office of Education
  • Utah Jazz Bear